How We Got to Downing Street

Just adding my voice to those trying to pressure the mainstream media into doing their job. We will keep telling this story until the truth is known by all.

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Friday, July 01, 2005

Blair Confirms Memo's Authenticity!

British Prime Minister has confirmed the authenticity of the contents of the notorious . Read about it here. After Blair's comments, Adam Price MP said:

The confirmation that the memo is authentic will cause ripples throughout the United States where 122 Members of the US Congress have written to the President asking if Sir Richard Dearlove’s statement in the memo, that ’the intelligence and the facts are being fixed around the policy’ is correct.

On the heels of Blair's admission, Representative , Jr., (D-MI) House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member, along with 51 other Members submitted today a broad and comprehensive FOIA request to the White House, the Department of Defense, and the Department of State seeking any and all documents and materials concerning the Downing Street Minutes and the lead up to the Iraq war . Read more here.

Conyers and company also requested several House committees commence hearings on the Downing Street minutes. Yay! Dare we begin to hope that justice may yet be served?

This is such good news for those of us frustrated by the U.S. media's refusal to cover this story. Pretty soon, they won't have any choice, especially if the citizens of this country finally wake up and demand the lying egomaniac's impeachment.

Of course there's still a sizable percentage of the populace who wouldn't want to Bush even if it's proven that he misled us into war. (I think the memo already proves that, but then, I think he's lied from the beginning about practically everything.) Talk about ludicrous. We can impeach a president for lying about a sex act, but lie about taking the country to war and some people's reaction is still "so what?"

One more note: Representative Conyers deserves a medal for not letting this thing drop. From his "forum" in the basement to his stand-off at the White House gates, this guy's a hero to me.

You can read the Downing Street Memo here.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Downing Street Theme
(with major apologies to Joe Raposa who wrote and performed the original Sesame Street Theme, which he copyrighted in MCMLXX)

Just another day
Sweepin' those rules away
On my way to where the big guys meet

Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to ?

Come and lie
Thousands are gonna die
Friendly toadies there
I can’t wait to cheat

Can you tell me how to get
How to get to Downing Street?

It's a thrilling ego ride
Every door just opens wide
For scary people like me
War presidents like
is beautiful

Just another day
Sweepin’ the truth away
Lyin’ my way to where the big guys meet

But I’m bigger than they are
I don’t need no Downing Street…

Just take a to Downing Street

Take a memo to…